Seasonal Parking Ban Sign

A citywide parking ban can be declared during the winter season with 8 hours notice.

Phase 2 Parking Ban Update

January 6, 2022 - After a pause in non-essential operations due to extreme weather conditions, clearing in Phase 2 residential areas resumes Monday, January 10 at 7am. The Phase 2 parking ban will also be implemented at that time. This work will include the removal of windrows that are blocking driveways in residential areas. Crews will operate in residential areas between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week.

During this phase of the parking ban residents are asked to move their vehicles from residential and local industrial roads. Edmontonians can continue to park in their driveway or garage, in parking available on a neighbours property (with permission), in a snow and ice alternative parking option, and on any road cleared during Phase 1 where parking is allowed normally. In addition to resuming the Phase 2 parking ban, crews will also be picking up windrows that are in the middle of roadways outside of residential areas.

Edmontonians can view an online map to confirm where crews are operating and which streets have been cleared. This map has been updated to reflect the resumption of work on January 10, 2022. In addition, residents are encouraged to watch for neighbourhood signage.

To achieve safe travel conditions as quickly as possible, we must work together. Edmontonians play a key role in supporting City staff and contractors as they deliver high-quality service more efficiently.

The primary benefit of a ban is clearer roads that are easier and safer to navigate.

The City encourages Edmontonians to sign up for email alerts and check the City’s social media feeds if it is snowing to confirm if a parking ban has been declared.