Edmonton has over 160 km of shared pathways and shared trails to enjoy! 

Shared pathways can be used for both recreation and commuting. They allow Edmontonians to safely enjoy the outdoors - on your bike, on your feet, or with your dog.

Let’s learn to use the ‘Language of the Path’ to communicate clearly and stay safe on our shared pathways.

On Your Bike:

  • Ring your bell to pass
  • Pass on the left
  • Slow down and use caution

On Your Feet:

  • Move right so that others can safely pass
  • Be aware and listen for people passing

With Your Dog:

  • Keep your dog leashed unless in an off-leash area
  • Ensure your dog does not lunge at others

Shared Pathways (Paved)

Shared Pathways are paved, off-street paths made for many activities. You can bike, walk, run, scoot, blade, and more (unless otherwise indicated by signage).

Bikes are allowed to ride on sidewalks that are designated as a shared pathway. Shared pathways are typically 2.5 meters or wider and are marked with signs that indicate that they are shared by people on bikes and pedestrians.

A complete list of shared-use sidewalks is available under Class 1 Bicycle Highways of the Traffic Listing Document.

Shared Trails (Unpaved)

Shared Trails are paths that are typically hard packed with gravel, wood chips or dirt. You can bike, walk, run and more except where otherwise indicated by local signage. Shared trails generally include activities such as  walking and cycling, but also includes horse riding in designated areas.