Animal Care & Control Centre no longer offers wildlife trap rental services. This change has been brought forward from a Program and Service Review that evaluated various services the City provides to help Council reach its strategic goals and whether those services are still a priority for citizens. The recommendations to discontinue this service are due to:

  • Offering traps for wildlife is a non-legislated and non-traditional municipal activity
  • Significant risk of injury to citizens, staff and the animal
  • Potential that a trapped animal is a new mother, leaving the babies orphaned
  • Baited traps could attract more wildlife
  • Relocation can be stressful and cause territorial disputes
  • Relocation simply opens the space for another animal to move in.

Going forward, citizens will be encouraged to seek the help of privately operated wildlife and pest control companies or modify their property to deter wild animals.

Tip Sheets

Here are some species specific tips for keeping your property pest free:


Removing skunks.

Magpies & Crows

Deterring magpies & crows.


Repelling hares from your yard.

Gophers & Groundhogs

Removing gophers and groundhogs.


Deterring porcupines.


Removing squirrels from your house and yard.