The Animal Care & Control Centre has had to temporarily suspend the intake of healthy animals due to the rapid rise of the Omicron COVID-19 variant and the impacts this has had on our staff. 

However, we will still accept animals that are in distress, injured, or sick by appointment. This includes animals found out in the cold when it is below  -20 degrees with the windchill.

Priority intake is given to those animals who fit the following criteria:
• Outside in the cold when it’s below -20 degrees Celsius with the windchill
• Obviously ill (thin, weak, not mobile, any discharge from eyes or nose)
• Injured (wounds, limping, bleeding)
• Kittens under two months old that have no mother and the finder cannot care for them
• Very pregnant (imminent birth)

We ask that anyone who finds an animal experiencing the conditions above call 311 for further clarification. If it's after hours, you can also book an online appointment.

Animal Care & Control Centre

Lost Pets

We are encouraging citizens to make attempts to find the owner of any healthy, lost or stray animal. If the animal has a tag with a licence number on it, you can call 311 for owner information.

As we are in a prolonged cold snap, if you are able to care for the animal until such time as you can reunite it with its owner, that would be appreciated.  

Pets are a part of our families, so when they go missing it is an anxious time for both owners and the pet. Citizens are encouraged to keep their microchip and license information up to date so that if your pet is lost the chance of being reunited increases.

For a list of more tips on what you can do to reunite pets with their owners and templates to make your own Lost Cat Poster or Paper Collar, visit

If you have lost your pet:

  • Place posters in your neighbourhood
  • Talk to your neighbours
  • Post on facebook community and lost pet group pages
  •  Monitor the City of Edmonton’s Lost Pets page

 To help protect our front-counter staff and following the advice of Alberta Health with respect to social distancing, we are requesting pet owners make an appointment by calling 311 before coming to the centre to claim their pet.

Please be advised that citizens will be required to present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results in order to access the building. If you are unable to meet either of these requirements, you can arrange to have someone else conduct the release/intake on your behalf. They will still be required to provide proof of full vaccination or a negative test result.

Injured Animals

Priority appointments will be given to those animals that are:

  • In distress

  • Injured (wounds, limping, bleeding)

  • Visibly ill (thin, weak, not mobile, any discharge from eyes or nose)

  • Very pregnant (imminent birth)

  • Kittens under two months of age who appear to have no mother

  • Outside when the temperatures have dropped below -20 degrees Celsius with the windchill and where the finder is unable to bring the animal inside

We encourage citizens to make attempts to find the owner of any healthy, lost or stray animal. If the animal has a tag with a licence number on it, 311 may provide the owner’s contact information if the owner has given us permission to release it. It is important to note that owned lost cats are 10 times more likely to find their way home if left in their neighbourhood than if they are brought to a shelter. Outdoor cats and feral cats are accustomed to being outside. 

For a list of more tips on what you can do to reunite pets with their owners and templates to make your own Lost Cat Poster or Paper Collar, visit

Licence Your Pet

Citizens can purchase or renew their pet licences online. In-person licensing services remain temporarily suspended. Payments by cheque or money order can be mailed to: City of Edmonton, P.O. Box 2670, Edmonton, AB. T5J 2G4. 

Payment can be made at any financial institution or via Online Banking payable to City of Edmonton Pet/Business Licences or Edmonton Pet & Business Licences.  

We encourage pet owners to keep their contact information associated with their pet’s licence up-to-date online in the event your pet gets lost.

Visit our Pet License page to learn more about the importance of licensing your pet and how your license helps other cats in need of assistance/support.

Pets are often considered part of our families, so when they go missing it is an anxious time for both owners and the animals.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Pet

If you discover your pet is lost, there are several things you can do:

  1. Look around your neighbourhood and ask neighbours if they have seen your pet. Be sure to include the time and approximate place your pet went missing. Let others know you've lost your pet. It may not have wandered far.
  2. Check Found Pets Search, the City's online public database of the found dogs, cats and small pets currently at the Animal Care & Control Centre. New animals are brought into the facility daily. On arrival, their photo is immediately uploaded to the database. Dogs and cats are held for 3 -10 days before they are assessed for adoption and transferred to the Edmonton Humane Society or other local rescue groups.
  3. Contact Guardian Veterinary Centre to see if your animal has been admitted. Guardian Veterinary Centre will accept sick or injured animals after hours and will bring them to Animal Care & Control Centre the following morning.
  4. Check online. Found pets are also often listed on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist and the following Facebook pages: Animal Care & Control, Edmonton and Area Lost Pets and Edmonton Lost Pets. 
  5. Check to make sure the contact information associated with your City pet's licence is correct. If your pet is licensed and wearing tags, Animal Care & Control will contact you if your pet is admitted to the City's facility.

If you locate your pet at the Animal Care & Control Centre, owners are generally responsible for paying shelter fees and may have to pay a fine for having an animal at large. Kennel fees for the first day are $25 and $15 each day thereafter.

Additional charges also apply for any veterinary treatment provided.

The fine for a pet at large is $100 and the fine for an unlicensed pet is $250.

If You Find A Stray Pet

If you find a stray dog, there are several steps you can take to help return the animal to the owners:

  • Contact 311 for assistance from Animal Care & Control to pick up dogs. If you have any concern about a stray dog's behaviour, this is the best action to take. Licensed dogs will be taken home if possible; otherwise, the animal is admitted to the Animal Care & Control Centre. Licensed pets are entitled to one free ride home every 12 months. If the pet is wearing a licence tag, you may be able to contact the owner yourself. Call 311 for assistance.
  • Transport the animal to the Animal Care & Control Centre. The City will search for the owner.
  • If the animal is injured, take the animal to the Guardian Veterinary Centre at 5620- 99 Street. Animal Care & Control will pick it up the next day.

If you find a stray cat that needs assistance, there are several steps you can consider depending on the category of cat that you have found. 

I Found A Cat

Note: Animal Care & Control does not pick up stray cats. Please transport stray cats to the Animal Care & Control Centre. Guardian will not be able to accept found stray animals due to limited capacity.

If you would like to adopt the stray animal, be sure to ask the City for special consideration. If the owner does not claim the animal and it's adoptable, you may be able to adopt it from the Edmonton Humane Society.

Keep Your Pet Safe

We all want to be a responsible pet owner and keep animals safe. There are steps you can take to help prevent your pet from getting lost, and if your pet goes missing, help ensure a safe return home:

  • Licence your pet – this is a simple and easy way to ensure your pet's information is on file and linked to your household
  • Have your pet implanted with a microchip and keep the contact information up-to-date
  • Keep cats inside – the chance of them going missing or being injured is greatly reduced if they stay indoors
  • Spay and neuter your companion pets, as this will diminish their urge to roam and mate
  • If you take your pet outside, ensure it's properly leashed or in a secured area, like a fenced yard
Numbers To Call if Your Pet Is Lost
  • Animal Care & Control (Lost Pets Database)
  • Edmonton Humane Society: 780-471-1774
  • Guardian Veterinary Centre: 780-436-5880