Planning applications received by the City in the Windermere neighbourhood.


16449 16 Avenue NW

A planning application (map) has been approved to rezone a property at 16449 16 Avenue NW.

This purpose of the application was to rezone the property from Agricultural Zone (AG) to Direct Development Control Provision (DC1). The proposal includes opportunities for apartment housing, row housing, stacked row housing, semi-detached housing, and duplex housing. The maximum proposed density is 81 dwellings per hectare.

Primary access to the site is proposed to be from 16 Avenue NW with a secondary access through the neighbouring site to the south.

An associated application has been made to amend the Windermere Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) and the Windermere Area Structure Plan to enable this rezoning. 

Windermere DC1 Rezoning Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) Draft

Windermere DC1 Rezoning Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Amendment

Public Engagement Session

Edmontonians were invited to a drop-in public engagement session on September 24, 2019 to learn about the proposed rezoning of property at 16449 16 Avenue NW. 

The engagement session was an opportunity for residents to learn more about the proposal and share their views with the City and the applicant. Feedback will be summarized in a report to City Council for consideration when the proposal goes to Public Hearing for a decision.

Session Materials

Display Boards (9MB)
What We Heard Report

Draft DC1 Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

City Council Approval Date: Tuesday September 1, 2020

Reference File Number: LDA17-0024 

Planner: Email Sean Conway or call 780-496-5809 for more information.

2503 170 Street SW

A planning application has been received for a property at 2503 170 Street SW.

The application has two components:

One component of this application is to amend the land use designations in the Windermere Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Glenridding Heights Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) from Institutional to Residential uses.

The second component is a rezoning (map) to rezone portions of the property from Agriculture Zone (AG) and Urban Services Zone (US) to Residential Low Density Zone (RLD) zone, Row Housing Zone (RF5) zone, and Public Utility (PU) zone. 

The site was identified for an Institutional use and initially intended to accommodate a religious assembly. However, the former applicant is no longer interested in pursuing the site for that purpose. The current applicant for this City-owned property is seeking to return the site to the original residential land use designations that were previously in place in the ASP and NSP. 

City Council Approval Date: January 21, 2020

Reference File Number: LDA19-0269

Planner: Email Brandon Langille or call 780-496-1582 for more information.