Planning applications received by the City in the Rossdale neighbourhood.


Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment and Rezonings

A planning application has been received to amend the Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan.

The application also proposes to rezone the following properties in the Rossdale neighbourhood: 9507, 9511, 9519, 9523, 9527 and 9533 105 Street NW; 9804 107 Street NW; 9530 104 Street NW; and 10155 96 Avenue NW.

About the Application

The current zoning for the properties is Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A), Direct Development Control Provision (DC1), and Public Utility Zone (PU).

The proposed zoning is for Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A), Alternative Jurisdiction Zone (AJ), River Valley Activity Node Zone (AN), Public Parks Zone (AP), and Direct Development Control Provision (DC1)

The proposed rezoning and associated amendment to the Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) are intended to support the implementation of the River Crossing Business Plan

Council Approval Date: June 23, 2021

Reference File Number: LDA20-0434

Planner: Email Andrew Sherstone or call 780-442-0699

10075 98 Avenue NW

Proposed Rezoning, Plan Amendment and Road Closure  
A planning application (map) has been received for a property at 10075 98 Avenue NW.
The application proposes to rezone the west side of the site from Row Housing Zone (RF5) to Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) and rezone the remainder of the site from an existing Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) to a new DC2 Provision.

This application proposes 11 row housing units along the west edge of the site, and a separate  medium-rise building with up to 104 residential units, rising up from 8 to 10 storeys, on the remainder of the site. Parking would be behind the row houses, and within a parkade in the medium-rise building. Small scale commercial development could also be included in the mid-rise building's ground floor.

A proposed road closure would close a remnant portion of a lane adjacent to the development for consolidation with the development site.

An amendment to the Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan would remove the site from the application of the Brewery area policies.

Applicant’s Supporting Documents
Urban Design Brief
Drainage Servicing Report
DC2 Appendices (Site Plan & Elevations)

City Council Approval Date: May 26, 2020

Bylaw Numbers: Bylaw 19133, Bylaw 19134, Charter Bylaw 19135

Reference File Number: LDA19-0074

Planner: Email Sean Conway or call 780-496-5809 for more information.

Road closure of a lane south of 98 Avenue NW, east of 101 Street NW

A planning application (map) has been approved for a lane south of 98 Avenue NW, east of 101 Street NW.

The application proposed to close the lane, which runs south from 98 Avenue NW. Properties adjacent to the lane are owned by the City and one private landowner.

The private landowner proposed to consolidate the lane and their property with property to be acquired from the City for a future development. A separate Land Development Application will be proposed for development of the area.

City Council Approval Date: August 20, 2018

Bylaw Number: 18495

Reference File Number: LDA15-0433

Planner: Email or call 780-496-6121 for more information.