Edmonton’s new bus network connects you to where you need to go on more direct routes.

Use the third-party Transit app, Google Maps or the ETS trip planner to plan a trip in the new network.

To plan a trip, enter your travel date, time, start and end locations below. You can also download and print route brochures

On Demand Trip Planning

You can use the third-party Transit app to plan trips that include transfers to/from On Demand (Google tools do not support this service).

Check to see if you are in an On Demand neighbourhood

Transit Trip Planner

Transit Trip Planner

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*This Google-powered trip planner previews regular ETS bus routes only. Trips that include transfers to/from On Demand Transit can be viewed using the third-party Transit app. To book an On Demand trip, customers can tap a button in Transit app that will link them to the Edmonton On Demand Transit app (if installed on their smartphone). Customers can also book directly by using the Edmonton On Demand Transit app, online at, or by calling 780-496-2400. See if you are in an On Demand neighbourhood.

Please note: regional routes are not part of the bus network redesign. Any changes to routes operated by our municipal partners will be communicated by them.

New Bus Routes

New route brochures available for new routes.