view of railroad tracks over the road

Road widening and overpass construction between Sherwood Park Freeway and 90 Avenue will start in 2022.

Project Update - June 2021

Pre-construction activities start this summer including building the detour road, selective tree removals and reconstruction of the storm and sanitary sewer near 50 Street. The detour road will be used while the overpass is being constructed starting in spring 2022 and selective trees in the area will be removed to build the detour road. Preserving trees is an important part of this project and the asset value of the removed trees will be added to the new tree planting scheduled for the project.

The service road east of 50 Street, between 84 Avenue and 90 Avenue will be closed for the 2021 construction season to reconstruct the storm and sanitary sewer. Businesses will have access from 90 Avenue and 46 Street while construction is underway.

We thank everyone in the area for their patience while we start pre-construction work to prepare for the start of construction next year.

Construction Bulletins:
Storm and Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction
Detour Road and Tree Removal

Final Design Images

About the Project

50 Street provides access to adjacent developing industrial areas and functions as a major north-south commuter and goods movement corridor. Currently, the at-grade Canadian Pacific (CP) railway crossing along 50 Street, north of Sherwood Park Freeway, is identified as the City’s top priority location for grade separation based on delays, traffic impact, frequency of train crossings and other factors.

With ongoing development along 50 Street, particularly along the industrial and residential areas south of Sherwood Park Freeway, traffic volumes and congestion at this crossing will continue to increase. The 50 Street widening and railway grade separation will:

  • Widen 50 Street to a 6 lane divided roadway between Sherwood Park Freeway and 90 Avenue

  • Create an overpass for vehicles and active transportation over the rail crossing

  • Construct a shared-use path on the east side of 50 Street

  • Upgrade the sidewalk on the west side of 50 Street

Design for the area is complete and pre-construction activities begin in 2021 including utility relocation and building the detour that will be used during construction which is anticipated to begin in 2022. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2026.

Sherwood Park Freeway to 76 Avenue

Reconstruction of 50 Street from Sherwood Park Freeway to 76 Avenue has also been identified. This work will include widening 50 Street to a 6 lane divided roadway, including the shared-use path and sidewalks, relocation of overhead utilities and replacement and widening of the existing 50 Street bridge over Sherwood Park Freeway. This area is currently unfunded and will not be constructed with the north part of 50 Street.