Project Update - December 2021

The Riverside Trail Realignment spring 2021 engagement event  What We Heard Report is complete. All public feedback received through Engaged Edmonton and from direct emails to the Project Manager has been evaluated.

Thank you to everyone that participated. Along with the public’s feedback and additional  technical input, the project team ensured the updated approach was aligned with City policies, programs and funding allocations. All of this helped inform the next steps on the project.

The decision has been made to move forward with realigning the trail. With this approach, the trail, closed since 2013, can be repaired and reopened in 2022 while still taking into account environmental, ecological and cost factors.

In reviewing the engagement results, the majority of the public comments were in support of reopening a trail in the area. Many respondents commented on the popularity of this trail and expressed a desire for it to be repaired as soon as possible to reestablish a safe and accessible connection to the river valley in this area of the city.

map of project area

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Design Adjustments

During engagement, respondents expressed concerns around preserving the environment and maintaining the wildlife corridor. To address these concerns and others raised during engagement, the following changes are being made to the design: 

  • Fencing will be removed in one section of the trail to widen the wildlife corridor. The fencing was initially installed during the last realignment to protect a newly naturalized area near the trail.
  • In three locations the fenceline will be moved southward, which will widen the wildlife corridor.
  • In another section, raised fencing will be installed to allow for smaller wildlife access to the river valley corridor. 
  • Drainage concerns will be addressed during construction to ensure low spots drain properly. 
  • Garbage cans will be provided at both ends of the trail.


Tree removals will occur from late December 2021 to January 2022. Construction, including all restoration efforts, will begin in spring 2022 and be completed by fall 2022.

Project Overview

The Riverside Trail realignment project focuses on an approximately 1.9 km stretch of trail that runs between the Riverside Golf Course and the North Saskatchewan River. The trail is well-used and very popular with neighbouring communities and is also a destination for Edmontonians looking for river valley access and views. Over the past several years, the trail has had numerous issues as a result of high water events, ongoing bank degradation and instability resulting in significant slumps and other safety and accessibility concerns. The trail has been officially closed to the public since 2013.