Emily Murphy Park is planned for renewal in summer 2021.

Project Update - May 2021

Construction will begin in June and includes the renewal of all paved roads and parking lot surfaces and signage replacements. Access to roads and parking areas in the park will be unavailable during construction to ensure safety, however, the main river side trail, washrooms and picnic sites will remain open. Site specific detour plans will be posted on site.

Playground Update

In addition to the work happening as part of the Emily Murphy Park Renewal plan, the playground will also be renewed (see playground design). Planned upgrades include new playground equipment, wood chip surfacing and improved drainage infrastructure.

The playground will be closed for construction beginning in June with anticipated completion by August 2021.

Project Overview

Emily Murphy Park is located on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River between Kinsmen Park and Hawrelak Park.

It is an active year-round park site and is heavily used for recreation as part of the North Saskatchewan River Valley parks system. It offers Edmontonians access to the natural river valley through trails, a boat launch area, bookable picnic sites, a playground and parking areas.

The infrastructure in Emily Murphy Park has deteriorated over time as a result of heavy usage and weathering. The purpose of this project is to renew the existing park roads, parking areas, and signage at Emily Murphy Park to revive this high-quality public space within the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

In addition to renewing the existing infrastructure, we will also be decommissioning the existing water fountains, which will be replaced with a new fountain as part of the renewal of the washroom facility. Additionally 2 new gravel trail connections will be added to formalize existing informal paths, and improve pedestrian connections into the park site.