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About the Revitalization

In June 2018, Balwin and Belvedere communities were approved by City Council for the Neighbourhood Revitalization program. 

The program uses an asset and place-based community development model to identify strengths and assets of the neighbourhood. Members of the neighbourhoods have powerful and crucial roles to play in the revitalization process by sharing their unique perspectives on what the future of their neighbourhood could look like and what can be done to make this happen. The program includes operating and capital investments in the social and physical infrastructure. 

Over the course of 2018-2019 the City of Edmonton worked with Balwin and Belvedere community members (through a strategy development community working group, focused neighbourhood discussions and large public engagement drop in events) to gather input and identify key components of the Revitalization strategy. 

(New) Capital Investment

Resources to support the physical infrastructure development in Balwin and Belvedere falls under the Neighbourhood Revitalization Capital Investment Plan. Capital investments may include replacing old for new infrastructure. Some examples are enhanced lighting, benches, public art, wayfinding features and park redevelopment. Investments in physical infrastructure enhance public spaces such as roadways, alleys, open spaces, and parks, to increase social connection, beautification, economic vibrancy and safety.

Neighbourhood Revitalization Capital Investment follows the City of Edmonton’s Project Develop and Delivery Model (PDDM). As projects go through the strategy, concept, design, build, operation and delivery phases, the PDDM establishes set checkpoints. It is intended to ensure that all City projects have completed necessary checkpoints before being considered for the delivery phase.

The Community Capital Project Team is an integral part of the Revitalization program’s process for capital investment. This team, made up of residents and a non-profit representative, formed early in 2020 and has been hard at work developing and implementing tools to gather feedback from the neighbourhoods. This team will make recommendations to the City for investment within both neighbourhoods.

What We Heard Report highlighting information we gathered from the neighbourhoods in 2020.

Capital Investment Priorities Summary Report completed May 2021

The Revitalization Strategy

The City’s project team and the community members presented the Balwin and Belvedere Revitalization Strategy which highlights the neighbourhood’s vision, goals, and community-led projects selected for the first few years.  


Balwin/Belvedere Revitalization

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