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The Benchmark Program provides citizens an opportunity to honour loved ones or celebrate special occasions through a commemorative plaque displayed on benches in the City’s parks and open spaces.

All charitable donations received from individuals are used by the City for the purpose of enhancing and beautifying parkland and public spaces for the benefit of all Edmontonians.

Benchmark Program Guidelines

These guidelines provide the details on the Benchmark Program.

Program Administration
  • The City has the sole and absolute discretion whether to approve or deny any Application and Renewal Application.
  • The City at all times remains the exclusive owner of all benches, plaques and chattels associated with the Benchmark Program. 
  • The City will only accept charitable donations to the Benchmark Program which are tax-deductible under Canada Revenue Agency legislation and guidelines.
  • Tax receipts will be issued by the City to the Donor(s) in the following calendar year in which the donation is received, typically in late February and prior to April. 
  • The Benchmark Program is strictly limited to honouring individuals and non-commercial special occasions. The Benchmark Program cannot be used to further any commercial interest.
  • Location is subject to availability and final approval by the City.  
  • Bench styles for dedication vary by location, and are subject to change.
  • The City may, in its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently relocate the bench or plaque for reasons such as safety, maintenance, construction, or park redevelopment. The City will use reasonable efforts to notify the Donor of changes.
  • The City does not guarantee that the bench will have a clear view free from obstruction during the Commemoration Period. The view may change for many reasons including but not limited to construction, vegetation growth, and tree planting.
Donor Contact Information
  • The City will only communicate and engage with the named Donor in the Application Form through the Application process and during the 10-year Commemoration Period of the dedication except as provided for below.
  • The named Donor in the Application Form is responsible to provide updated contact information for themselves and for the Alternate Contact in a timely manner to the City at all times through the Application process, the Commemoration Period and any renewal period approved by the City.
  • Notwithstanding that two or more persons may contribute charitable donations toward a plaque and commemoration, the City will exclusively engage with the named Donor in the Application Form for any and all matters, issues, discretionary decisions, notices, or any other details relating to the plaque, commemoration and renewals.
  • In the event we cannot reach the Donor at any time during the Commemoration Period, the City will contact the Alternate Contact listed by the Donor.
Application Process and Installation
  • Contact the program coordinator by using the online inquiry form or calling 311 to discuss the available options and locations.
  • Complete the online Application Form that the Program Coordinator has shared with the Donor.
  • The Program Coordinator will review the Application Form and work with the Donor to finalize all details. 
  • Once details are finalized and application is approved, the Program Coordinator will send a Confirmation email to the Donor along with the plaque proof and an invoice.
  • The Donor must respond to the City’s Confirmation email within 30 days if they want to proceed with the approved location and plaque proof provided by the City.
  • Full payment of the charitable donation is required within 30 days from the date of the invoice. The City will not commence any work until the invoice is paid in full. 
  • If the Donor does not respond in 30 days from the date of the Confirmation email, the City may in its sole discretion release the location to other potential donors and may deem the Application abandoned. 
  • Bench and plaque installations will only occur between May and October. The City may not be able to install the plaque in the first May-October period after approval of an Application due to constraints including, but not limited to, workforce capacity and inclement weather.
  • The Program Coordinator will notify the Donor once installation is completed.
Commemoration Period
  • New plaques will be displayed for a 10-year time period (the “Commemoration Period”) beginning from the date of installation. The City will remove the plaque and it will no longer be displayed with the bench at the end of the Commemoration Period.
  • It is the responsibility of the Donor to submit a request for renewal to the City prior to the end of the Commemoration Period. In its sole discretion, the City may consider and accept the request for renewal from a person other than the Donor or Alternate Contact.
  • Prior to the end of Commemoration Period, the Donor can submit a Renewal Application to request that the City continue to display the plaque under the Benchmark Program for an additional period of time. An additional charitable donation in accordance with the Benchmark Program policies and guidelines will be required. The time frame for any renewal period will be specified in the Benchmark Program policies and guidelines in effect at the time of the Renewal Application.
Donation Options
  • The Benchmark Program focuses on offering existing benches for dedication. 
  • The City will consider requests for new bench installations. Please contact the Program Coordinator to discuss.
  • The minimum donation specified in the Application Form has been determined based on various factors including the cost of maintenance, replacement and installation of the bench, and the plaque.
  • Minimum donation amounts are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to change.
Payment Options
  • The donation can be made via cash, cheque, money order, debit or credit card. Once the City and Donor have finalized all details of the plaque and dedication, an invoice will be sent to the donor with payment information. 
  • The City will refund the payment if the Donor cancels their application on or before 14 days after the day on which their payment was received by the City.  
  • The plaque size, character limit, and font are standard however some aspects can be personalized. 
  • The plaque design and content must adhere to the City’s visual identity standards. The City has the sole and absolute discretion to approve the wording and formatting of the plaque. 
  • Website addresses or any other means of identifying internet content cannot be included in the plaque inscription.
  • For Benchmark commemorations, the City will allow a maximum of two plaques per bench, as long as the donations are made from the same family/group as the first plaque. 
  • If a donor chooses not to renew their commemoration, they may request the plaque as a gift from the City. If the plaque is not claimed, it will be held for a period of one year from the end of the Commemoration Period, after which point it will be recycled.
  • The City will care for and maintain the plaque, amenity and surrounding areas in accordance with the applicable policies in force from time to time for maintenance of City owned lands and assets.
  • Benchmark benches will be inspected on an approximately three-year cycle for preventative maintenance and minor repairs.
  • Within the Commemoration Period, a commemorative plaque that is damaged or stolen will be replaced by the City at no cost to the donor. Donors can report such incidents to the City through 311.
  • Within the Commemoration Period, if a commemorative bench is damaged or vandalized, reasonable efforts will be made to refurbish the item in a timely manner, at no cost to the donor. Donors can report such incidents to the City through 311.

For More Information

Benchmark Program Coordinator


In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311


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