The City of Edmonton does not accept medical waste from commercial entities. Used personal protective equipment (PPE), such as single-use gloves and facemasks, can be disposed of with other landfill waste. To dispose of biomedical waste as defined under Bylaw C18590, please contact a medical waste management company for more information.

Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory when indoors at any City of Edmonton facility. Please be kind and maintain a safe distance if someone asks you to.

Edmonton’s Community Recycling Depots are a convenient way to dispose of recyclables from your home or small business. Most locations are open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Each bin has a label on the front to tell you what type of product should be placed in it. Please carefully read the labels and follow the instructions.

It is illegal to leave garbage, non-recyclable materials, and large items such as fridges, renovation materials and furniture at the City’s Recycling Depots. Illegal dumping at Recycling Depots is monitored and offenders will be fined $250.