City Council has approved a zero per cent waste rate increase for 2022. That means we will continue to transform waste services in Edmonton and divert more waste from the landfill, while maintaining stable, consistent rates.

In 2021, Waste Services delivered the most significant change to Edmonton’s waste operations in 30 years without an increase to monthly waste collection rates. There are more big changes coming, including three-stream collection for multi-unit residences and additional waste reduction actions as outlined in the Waste Reduction Roadmap. Thanks to careful planning and financial management, these changes will be managed within the existing rate again in 2022.

Waste Services is making every penny count and ensuring Edmontonians are paying only their fair share. However, recent changes require a more complex system of waste rates. A zero per cent rate increase means no additional revenue is collected overall, but the exact impacts can vary from customer to customer.

At the end of the Edmonton Cart Rollout, waste rates were reclassified by service type (curbside or communal) rather than property type (single- or multi-unit). That meant a rate adjustment to ensure residents were paying for the service they were receiving. In October, residents with the default size garbage cart (240 L) saw a slight rate increase, while those who selected the smaller garbage cart size (120 L) saw a decrease. In addition, some residents are seeing their rate adjusted from the communal to the curbside rate.

The current rates are $30.69 per month for residents with communal collection (where residents place their waste in a common location, usually a bin), $48.32 for residents with a large (240L) garbage cart and $43.32 for residents with a small (120L) cart. The $5 difference between the two rates is intended to help motivate residents to reduce the amount of garbage they produce.

If you regularly produce less garbage, request a smaller garbage cart .