Changes are coming to the way you sort and manage waste at home and at work.

On September 10, City Council approved the 25-year Waste Strategy.

What's in the Strategy?

The 25-year Waste Strategy will help the city reach its goal of 90% waste diversion from landfills. We’re bringing Edmonton into alignment with internationally-recognized best practices, putting more emphasis on waste prevention and waste reduction, and redesigning our services to help all Edmontonians play a bigger role in Edmonton’s zero waste future. 

The 25-year Waste Strategy has several transformative recommendations that we are actively working toward:

  • Adopt a Zero Waste Framework
  • Lead by example in implementing source-separated organics in City-owned and operated buildings, facilities and attractions

  • Introduce source-separated organics to the residential sector beginning with the citywide Edmonton Cart Rollout in spring 2021

  • Expand source-separated organics to the multi-unit residential sector and the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sector 

  • Cease commercial collections (in progress)

  • Shift programming to support and inspire community-based waste reduction initiatives, including actions to limit single-use items

  • Participate in efforts to promote Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies

Read the full reports.

What's next?

Our focus is on: 

  • The new cart-based waste system, which will roll out from spring to fall of 2021 to all single- unit homes and a number of multi-unit homes
  • Waste diversion programs and policies that will improve diversion in the multi-unit and Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) sectors
  • Waste reduction programs including actions to limit single-use items