A program to help corporations take action on climate change through active greenhouse gas (GHG) management across their operations

Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program supports the growing number of Edmonton organizations that are concerned about climate change and want to take action.

What is it?

Members have made a commitment to take action on climate change through active greenhouse gas (GHG) management across their operations. In addition to supporting members in the implementation of their GHG management practices, the City of Edmonton is working with Green Economy Canada to help build capacity for lasting change within member organizations.

The program will facilitate members sharing best practices and lessons learned, exploring emerging business opportunities related to the low carbon economy, mentoring newcomers and celebrating success. These will be communicated community-wide, inspiring all Edmontonians to take climate action.

The goals of Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program are:

  • To encourage, support and empower Edmonton corporations to reduce their GHG emissions and increase their climate resilience
  • To promote the collaboration of Edmonton corporations in sharing best practices (re: climate action) and advancing low carbon business opportunities
  • To fast-track the transition to a green economy by building industry capacity
  • To showcase the climate actions of member corporations as a way of inspiring action on the part of all Edmontonians

Read the program summary for additional details.

How can my corporation participate?

All Edmonton corporations (profit and non-profit) are invited to be members, including those that are located and operate solely in Edmonton and ones that are world-wide with franchises or operations in Edmonton. Membership in the Corporate Climate Leaders Program signifies a corporation is concerned about climate change and is advancing climate action within its operations (or soon will be). 

Membership calls on corporations to make the following three commitments, and demonstrate that they have been achieved within 12 to 18 months of signing up:

  • To establish and maintain a corporate GHG inventory
  • To develop plans and targets for reducing GHG emissions
  • To share these commitments publicly

Please review the program summary to fully understand the expectations related to meeting these three commitments.

To participate:

  1. Learn more. Read the program summary for details and register for an Information Session.
  2. Choose an Executive Sponsor. Every member is asked to identify an executive sponsor within their organization to demonstrate their commitment. 
  3. Review the Commitments. Determine if you are already meeting the three commitments or would need support to achieve them. 
  4. Register. Complete the Program Registration and Consent Form. The deadline for registration is April 30, 2021. Find out more about the information required in the Registration and Consent Form.
How can Green Economy Canada help?

As proud partners in this program, Green Economy Canada is excited to help member businesses successfully meet the three program commitments of establishing a corporate GHG inventory, developing plans and targets to reduce emissions, and publicly sharing these commitments. 
Green Economy Canada brings a decade of experience working with businesses of all sectors and sizes on emissions reductions to Edmonton. In addition to leading the delivery of the program,  this award-winning national not-for-profit is also available to provide comprehensive training and tailored support services to help members reduce their emissions and leverage their sustainability work to drive business value. 

Green Economy Canada provides:

  • Small group training sessions and direct tailored one on one support to help you:
    • Understand the basics of GHG accounting and measure your footprint
    • Set an ambitious but achievable GHG reduction target
    • Develop and implement an emissions reduction plan 
  • Guidance to help you sustain action and maximize business value through:
    • Engaging your staff 
    • Forming and managing Green Teams 
    • Incorporating your sustainability work into your brand and stakeholder communications

Learn more about Green Economy Canada. Those who are interested in support to meet the program commitments are encouraged to register with Green Economy Canada after becoming a member of the Corporate Climate Leaders Program.

Business Rebate

Organizations that participate in the Corporate Climate Leaders Program are eligible to apply for a City of Edmonton rebate to offset the costs of supplementary support services.

Eligible members will receive a rebate for 50% of the costs of hiring an organization to help them meet the program commitments. There is a maximum rebate of $3,000 per year of continued participation in the Corporate Climate Leaders Program to a maximum of 3 years.

How to Apply 

  1. Complete the Green Economy Canada registration and submit payment of your annual fee directly to Green Economy Canada
  2. Complete the Business Rebate Application Form and attach your Green Economy Canada payment receipt
  3. The City of Edmonton will review your application to ensure it is complete and mail your rebate cheque

Note: Rebates are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date a completed application form is received. While Green Economy Canada provides support services for corporate GHG management, members may choose to work with another company, and they would still be eligible for the rebate.