The City is making unprecedented investments in growing the urban tree canopy in the city by planting an additional 6,000 new trees in 2021 and 2022.

Project Overview

The Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Program is part of the city’s commitment to growing, maintaining, preserving and protecting our urban forest.   

Work has begun to plant 3,000 new trees throughout the city in 2021, and through this project, 6,000 new trees will be planted by the end of 2022. 

We have conducted studies to select over 100 sites across the city to determine the most viable locations for where these trees could be planted, beginning this year. We worked with Landscape Design Consultants as well as our partners in Parks and Road Services - Urban Forestry, Transportation, Open Spaces, Citizen Services and Edmonton School Boards to select the sites. 

Location considerations were:

  • City-owned open spaces with additional plantable space according to the City Design and Construction Standards
  • Transportation corridors, such as boulevards and medians, suitable for trees
  • A diverse selection of tree species will be planted, starting in areas that have been identified as under-planted - ensuring these areas foster sustainability now and in the future

In December 2020, City Council approved our new strategic plan, called The City Plan. As part of this plan, Edmonton has a goal to plant 2 million new trees on public property by 2050.

The Urban Tree Canopy Expansion project is the first step in meeting this goal. 

Tree planting for 2021 began in April and is expected to wrap up in October. Tree planting in 2022 will follow a similar schedule, weather permitting.