Impacted City Services, Programs and Projects

COVID-19 has made significant disruptions to our lives. These disruptions, too, have affected City services, programs, and projects that may impact you as a citizen. The City of Edmonton is doing its best to minimize these disruptions when and where possible.

The following look-up tool has been developed for you to search for services, programs, and projects that are impacted by the City’s response to COVID-19. Please observe a service, program or project’s status:

  • Cancelled means a service, program or project will not continue as intended. An example is cancelling Canada Day events due to the risk of disease transmission within a large gathering.
  • Paused means a service, program or project is temporarily suspended upon further notice. Once it is safe to do so, or if another factor suggests that it is plausible to continue, the service, program or project that was paused may be restarted under either a normal or adjusted capacity.
  • Adjusted means a service, program or project is available in a modified capacity. Adjusted services may return to a normal capacity when safe to do so. An example would be Edmonton Transit Service buses and LRT operating using a modified schedule.

Should a service, program or project not be listed, you may assume that its status is normal or has returned to normal.

Conditions are changing quickly. Please note that these statuses will change as the City’s response to COVID-19 evolves.

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