As a corporation, the City of Edmonton serves a population of more than 899,000 residents, in a regional centre of over 1.3 million. The Mayor and Council govern this corporation, setting policy, budget and direction to the City Manager. The City Manager ensures Administration carries out Council's direction and administers public services.

In addition to the City Manager, administration is divided into different departments, each responsible for a particular aspect of public service. Additionally, there are City-owned subsidiaries and authorities that provide services to the City and to the public on the City's behalf.

Office of the City Manager

The City Manager leads more than 12,000 employees who provide a range of services that touch Edmontonians in some way, every day. The City Manager also provides information and advice to support City Council in their role in making decisions and setting policy.

Citizen Services
Citizen Services is a front-line partner with citizens and communities committed to creating a safe, healthy, and vibrant city. On any given day, this department manages hundreds of activities in its commitment to serving the people of Edmonton and making a difference, every day.
City Operations

Nearly 5,500 City employees make up the City Operations, responsible for keeping Edmontonians working, moving and thriving every day. By leading in environmental stewardship, this department takes an integrated, innovative and efficient approach to everything they do - from moving people to clearing snow and collecting waste.

Communications & Engagement

Communications & Engagement is striving towards a city built with trust and confidence of its citizens, communities, partners, staff and stakeholders.

Employee Services

The Employee Services Department is responsible to lead and champion work across the City of Edmonton and empower employees to achieve organizational and workforce outcomes.

Through the delivery of timely, relevant, innovative and high quality service, an integrated, resilient, safe, healthy, diverse, inclusive and thriving workforce will continue to be developed.

The Branches and programs within the Employee Services Department include: the Corporate Culture Office, Employee Relations, Organizational Development, Respect in the Workplace, Talent Management and Support Services, and Workforce Safety and Employee Health.

Financial & Corporate Services

Financial & Corporate Services provides corporate and business support to the entire organization. 

  • Day-to-day accounting and strategic financial analysis 
  • Collection of $1.4 billion in municipal property taxes and management of multi-billion-dollar operating and capital budgets 
  • Provision of expertise in legal, tendering, IT and HR services
Integrated Infrastructure Services

Integrated Infrastructure Services designs and delivers infrastructure on behalf of Council and citizens. This department is responsible for delivering more than $4 billion in infrastructure projects over the next few years.

Urban Planning and Economy

Urban Planning and Economy is a forward-looking department that plans, promotes and advocates change that moves this city towards the Edmonton envisioned by the citizens we serve.

The work of this department concentrates on planning and executing for the development needs of today and the future.