Some development, permit, licensing, and construction and inspection services are still operating at adjusted levels.

The City of Edmonton is no longer accepting new applications for the Active Transportation Vehicle Share Program in the year 2021.

A review is currently underway to determine the appropriate number of service providers for Edmonton, taking into consideration the level of demand and safety and enforcement capacity.

Road right-of-way defines the use of public property designated for traffic and pedestrians. You can obtain a licence for temporary use of road rights-of-way.

Active Transportation Vehicle Share Program

This licence agreement allows a service provider to operate an active transportation vehicle sharing service in Edmonton for bicycles, e-bicycles or e-scooters.

Interested service providers must enter into an agreement with the City. They must meet the requirements and agree to the terms stated within the agreement.

Interested service providers can apply by completing and submitting the Application and provide the required documents and related fees as mentioned within the Application Guideline Document.

Service providers can also apply for fleet size updates by completing the Update Fleet Size Application as mentioned within the Application Guideline Document.

Bridge Banners

The Bridge Banner Program is intended to aid non-profit/charitable organizations or public events in their objectives by providing advertisement space on city overpasses.

These guidelines address placement of signs on road rights-of-way pursuant to Bylaw 5590, the Traffic Bylaw.

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Extended Lobbies

Help make our streets more interesting and encourage pedestrian activity. This licence allows non-permanent construction for retail displays on storefront sidewalks.

Guidelines and Fees

Application Form

Licence of Occupation

This licence allows the road right-of-way for commercial or residential purposes, such as parking and storage areas, landscaping and gardening, walls and fences, freestanding business identification signs and artwork.

Guidelines and Fees

Commercial Application Form

Residential Application Form

On-Street Construction & Maintenance (OSCAM)

On-Street Construction and Maintenance (OSCAM) permits are required for most work on City road-right-of-ways, including roads, sidewalks and boulevards. Use the OSCAM Permit Decision Matrix to determine whether your project needs a permit.

Average processing time for an OSCAM permit application is 6 business days. Unless it’s an emergency, allow time for processing and public notification, especially for major impacts.

OSCAM Permit Application

All work within road rights-of-way must be completed within City of Edmonton Design and Construction standards. City lands must be restored to the same state and condition in which it existed prior to work commencement. The Guidelines for Excavation and Core Restoration (Section 2965) summarize the Design and Construction Standard key points. The construction standard has exact details for your work area.

Stone Mastic Asphalt SMA 2011-2013 No Cut Locations Map

Full Depth Reclamation Map (6.74MB)

Concrete Base Roadway Map (6.24MB)


Planters on boulevards and sidewalks need to meet the attached guidelines and need to be approved by the City.


Planter Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Outline

Road Right-of-Way Portable Signs

To place a portable sign on road rights-of-way, applicants must first enter into an Agreement with the City.

Portable Signs Application and Maps

Showhome Wayfinding

The City has developed a set of guidelines for the installation of showhome wayfinding signage within public road rights-of-way. These guidelines align with City Council’s direction to reduce sign clutter on public lands.

Showhome Wayfinding
Street Light Banners

To request banners on street lights, please complete an application providing the details of the banner and location you prefer.

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Utility Line Assignment

External agencies and private utilities can apply for a ULA Permit to monitor or use well installations within the public road rights-of-way. All utility installations require a ULA Permit for City approval. For more information, visit Utility Line Assignment Permits.

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Attach a digital copy of your tentative plan or indicate that hard copies will be sent. Acceptable file types are .doc, .pdf and .jpg. Confirmation of your application will be sent to the email indicated in the application.

2021 Utility Line Assignment Permitting and Inspection Fees