For interior and exterior alterations and renovations, additions, tenant improvements, selective or partial demolitions, changes to business activities.  

For commercial, industrial, institutional, apartments, Row Houses with 5 or more dwelling units, and stacked Row Houses.

Do I Need A Permit? 

Permits are required for:

Changes in activity in a space

  • First tenant in a new building location
  • Change to the business activity in a location, such as from retail to restaurant
  • Change in intensity of business activity, such as restaurant seating increasing from 50 to 150
  • Moving your business to a new location
  • Installing temporary or permanent exterior signs

Construction or equipment changes 

  • Changes to exterior doors and windows 
  • Changes to interior and exterior walls 
  • Changes to heating and ventilation, plumbing, gas, and electrical systems require trades permits
  • When upgrading or installing new building service equipment
  • When upgrading or installing new equipment (for example, a vehicle-detailing business expanding to include repair; forklift use and its charging/fuelling in a warehouse may require additional ventilation; adding or modifying commercial cooking equipment)

Permits are not required for: 

  • Cosmetic changes such as painting, changing flooring, or cabinetry